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rnhfotografia is run by Rod Hunt, a photographer based in rural Gloucestershire, where he lives with wife Alison and Labradors Madge and Mac.

Having started taking photographs as a child, Rod undertook his first commercial assignment at the age of 17 and is highly experienced in both Studio and Location based work.

Until recently, Rod's work has focused on studio portraiture of People and Dogs, where his signature *Chiaroscuro style has always been highly sought after.

However, his dog photography has now moved outdoors and ranges from portraiture to action shots. His general work is also expanding to capture more wide ranging wildlife and a free time passion of his - cycling.

In planning and undertaking a photoshoot, we endeavour to fully manage our client's expectations and work with them throughout to ensure that their goals are achieved. We can help in deciding the type of images being sought, through to guidance on location.

If you would like to know more about our work and approach, we would love the opportunity to discuss your ideas and requirements with you.


07788 420231




* Chiaroscuro is an Italian term which literally means 'light-dark'. While the term chiaroscuro originates from the Renaissance period and is often associated with painting, it has evolved into the photographic world and now often simply means strong and bold contrasts between light and dark areas in a photograph.

This style of photography is often well-suited for portraits and gives a scene the illusion of being three-dimensional. It adds depth and a more mysterious atmosphere, as it creates impact and contrast between highlights and shadows in a photo.